Christ’s Great Commission to us is, “Go … make disciples of all nations ….”  POBLO International rightly recognizes the nations are here; the time is now!  Accordingly, People of the Book Lutheran Outreach effectively brings Christ to the world and to USA foreign newcomers with its own staff of ethnic missionaries.  POBLO also educates Christians to do the same — bridging cultural gaps, building relationships, and providing mechanisms for effective ministry.    Tim Bickel is a former teacher in Asia and Africa, and now a POBLO Advocate who will be guest speaker during worship services on September 15 & 16, 2018.    He also will be leading  a Bible Class featuring, “What Every Christian Should Know” that compares and contrasts Christianity with other world faiths —  Sunday, September 16.  Hear and see great things God is doing and how you can be involved.   Your prayers, a door offering and correspondence at will support this mission.