Funerals at St. Paul

Resurrection of Christ, Fra Angelico

“For the Christian, death is not the last word. Love incarnate is stronger than death (John 11:25). Christ’s death and resurrection proclaim that victory belongs to life. Jesus calls His disciples to follow Him through death to life. That journey begins in the death and resurrection that happens in Holy Baptism. The burial rites take the Christian on the last steps of this journey to the resurrection of the body and the life everlasting.” –Lutheran Service Book Agenda

  • When a member of the church dies, contact the pastor as soon as possible to discuss arrangements.
  • All members of the church are given a service of Christian burial.
  • A service in the church is to be preferred to private ceremonies. This acknowledges that the Christian life is lived out in a community of believers and also allows the congregation to grieve.
  • Funeral services for non-members may also be arranged in some circumstances. Contact the pastor.
  • The booklet linked below will assist Christians in preparing their own funeral services in advance. Hard copies are available at St. Paul.

Arrangements Booklet

Banner image: Parable of the Buried Treasure, Edward Riojas