Affirming Life Through and Through

Affirming Life Through and Through

Happy New Year! This month, we will join with many other churches in the observance of “Sanctity of Human Life” Sunday on the weekend of January 19-20. There will be several events in January to help us affirm God’s gift of life from conception to natural death:

  • January 12, 10:30am – Dubuque Walk for Life
  • January 19 & 20 – Life Sunday services
  • January 20 – Dennis Rima from the   Clarity Clinic will give a special presentation during the Sunday School hour

We have two great organizations in Dubuque that are strong supporters of life. Dubuque County Right to Life focuses on political activism, fighting for all citizens of our community and country to have the right to life. Christians have an obligation to pray for godly leaders and promote causes that God has established, not only for Christians but for the good of everyone He has made. Some voices (rightly) object – “How can we tell these girls not to have abortions and then not do anything to help them once they have their babies?” The Clarity Clinic is an organization that does exactly that. They offer a multitude of medical services, programs, and assistance to expectant mothers and families with young children. Be sure to come hear more about them on Jan. 20! 

When it comes to life, Christians should speak the way we would about anything else – not only with the force of God’s Law but the sweet comfort of the Gospel. Many mothers suffer under the crushing weight of guilt after having an abortion. While abortion is condemned in God’s Word, Christians should be the first to speak words of healing and forgiveness to those of broken heart. In Christ, there is mercy and forgiveness for every sin, great or small.

See you in church,

Pastor Jon

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